One in 8 Million

NYT One in 8 Million

NYT One in 8 Million

Simple but elegant, the New York Times’ multimedia series One in 8 Million won an Emmy Award in the “new approaches to documentary” category. The series is a collection of stories told with audio and photography that portray everyday New Yorkers.The New York Times introduced snipets of the lives of 54 New Yorkers. From the The Dictaphone Doctor to the Jury Clerk, The Teen Mother to The Bar Fighter they are beautifully captured via a short audio clip and accompanying photo essay.  Note: you need to have flash installed to watch this.

The series was made possible by the staff photographer Todd Heisler, the senior multimedia producer Sarah Kramer, and Deputy Photo Editor Meaghan Looram, along with the co-producer Alexis Mainland, and Tom Jackson, who designed the Web interface. Jodi Rudoren, Juliet Gorman and Andrew DeVigal were the projects’ editors.

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